UNICHEST Co., Ltd. is an industrial design company that has performed various projects since its establishment in 2014. 

Professional personnel with abundant work experience are constantly striving to provide more valuable designs to not only understand the appearance of the product but also the nature of the object. We pursue user experience designs to provide emotional designs that move consumers' hearts and increase user satisfaction. In addition, we are developing design businesses from various angles by making global partnerships in line with the global design market trend. It is a company that always pursues novelty and strives to have an outdated sense in line with trends.


Design Service

Product Design - Home appliances, Electronics, Household goods, Medical devices, Environmental products,

Visual Design  - App, Web, Package, BI, CI, Graphics, UI, Accessories, Proper design, Metal design.

Design Planning


Design to understand the nature of products and services, not just their appearance, explore the inside, plan based on user experience, and impress consumers.

Design & Prototype production

By developing brands and products internally, planning and design, instrument design, electronics, and prototypes are carried out one-stop.

Web, App Development

UX, UI / Web, App Planning, Publishing / Social Interface, Micro Interaction Design.

Service planning

Research and analyze strategies to plan overall services and succeed in the market.

산업디자인전문회사 제품디자인전문회사 디자인스튜디오 제품디자인스튜디오 디자인업체 제품디자인업체 디자인회사 시각디자인회사 디자인전문업체 디자인외주 제품디자인외주 디자인에이젼시 앱디자인회사 웹디자인회사 앱디자인 웹디자인 제품디자인 제품개발 구로제품디자인 강남제품디자인 제품디자인에이젼시 앱개발 웹개발


UNICHEST continues to have good relationships based on friendships with various companies.

In the future, we will continue to develop through cooperation and partnership with more companies

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